Sotai Ho

“To treat a patient for an illness without correcting distortion in their frame is like bailing water with a bottomless bucket.” – Keizo Hashimoto

Along with the use of needles and moxa, I use a series of movements and exercises to reduce pain, improve health, and restore the body’s alignment.

Gurudeva_at_beachSotai Ho is a manual medicine exercise series developed in Japan in the mid 1970’s by Dr. Keizo Hashimoto.  So means “to manipulate,” tai means “body,” and ho means “method.”  The goal is to release abnormal tension, which causes functional and structural problems.  Sotai is used to correct the structural aspect of the body including the pelvis, vertebral column, joints of the limbs, and all other joints of the body.  This will remove interferences in the nervous, blood, and lymph systems.  These exercises address the relationship of the body structure to its overall proper functioning.  This is the link in understanding the relationship of illness and health with proper structural alignment.

There are four basic principles to keep in mind while performing the exercises and during daily living.  These principles are abdominal breathing, proper diet, exercise/movement, and constructive mental activity/ positive thought.

  • The breath should be brought deeply into the abdomen on the inhale.  When exhaled, the air should pass from the belly first and then the lungs.
  • Proper diet includes whole and fresh foods.  Chew well to keep digestion strong and eat with gratitude and thanks.
  • Proper movement includes Sotai Ho principles.  Sotai Ho encourages the body to stretch and move in its most natural state.  We should never move in the direction that causes us tension or pain.
  • Mental attitude, humility, and appreciation impact our wellness.  Remember to keep positive thoughts in mind while practicing Sotai Ho.  Dr. Hashimoto said, “Our thoughts are the steering wheel of our destiny.”